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                                        BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY

Commercial General Liability (CGL) provides protection in the even the insured’s negligence causes bodily injury or property damage to others and the insured becomes legally obligated to pay damages.  It consists of two parts:  Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability.

  • Legal Liability arising from “bodily injury” to a person or death arising from the negligent or purposeful acts or admissions by an insured, including sickness or disease is covered.  Medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, disfigurement, etc. are covered.
  • Property Damage Liability is physical injury to tangible property, including loss of use of the property is covered if the insured is legally liable for the damage.
Other Coverage included in the CGL policy are:
  • Medical Payments for invitees and licensees on the insured’s premises regardless of fault or negligence.
  • Personal Injury Liability covers mental harm to another person such as libel, slander, false arrest, invasion of privacy.
  • Advertising Injury Liability covers claims charging misappropriation of advertising ideas or style of doing business, infringement of copyright, title or slogan and oral or written material that violates a person’s right to privacy.
  • Rented Premises Liability Coverage is needed for the spaced occupied under lease where you could be held legally liable for damage done to the property due to fire or explosion.
  • Hired Auto and Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage applies to hired autos used by either the named insured or his/her employees in the course of the insured’s business.  However non-owned auto liability coverage applies only to those non-owned autos used by persons other than the named insured in the course of the named insured’s business.

Business Personal Property  may be written in addition to the CGL to form a Commercial Package Policy.  It includes furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment, stock held for sale including raw materials and other personal property owned by the insured that is used in the business either in or on the building or within 100 feet of the premises.

Business Income Coverage and Extra Expense may be endorsed onto the package.  This insurance covers the actual loss of business income during the restoration period sustained as a result of a direct physical loss caused by a covered cause of loss.  Business income is the pre-tax net profit or loss that would have been earned plus normal continuing operating expenses including payroll, rent, taxes, insurance, debt payments etc.  The coverage begins 72 hours after the loss and ends when the business resumes, not including delays resulting from an ordinance.
Extra Expense means necessary additional expenses that incur during the period of restyoration that would not have incurred if there had not been direct physical loss, items such as relocation expense and costs to equip a temporary location.
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